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Plain and patterned duvet covers in 100% cotton. Natural fibres are soft and cool to the touch, favouring air circulation and releasing the humidity that is generated when you sleep. Elegant and essential design that's a complete luxury.  Discover the collections of Naf Naf and Guy Laroche and other brands.

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Duvet covers galore!

Duvet covers are an essential must-have in any bedroom. As well as keeping us warm and protecting the duvet inside, duvet covers have become a must-have item of decoration for our bedroom.

Why use a duvet cover?

As its name indicates, the duvet cover protects the duvet inside. Some people also use their duvet cover in the summer because it's a decorative item, and so it can serve as a bed sheet in the summer, as well as for decorating your room.

Which one to choose?

The main thing is to know the bed measurements, as there are duvet covers for all different bed sizes. Standard duvet covers are for 90 cm beds, duvet covers for 105 cm beds, duvet covers for 135 cm beds, duvet covers for 150 cm beds, and duvet covers for 180 cm beds.

Once you know the size, you con focus on the aesthetic appearance you want to give your room. We have Naf Naf duvet covers and Guy Laroche duvet covers, both with very distinctive tendencies and styles, offering you a wide variety of colours and designs to choose from.

If your style is more exotic, you can find ethical duvet covers, bohemian duvet covers and boho chic duvet covers. If you like geometric patterns more, there is a wide variety of striped duvet covers, duvet covers with triangles, duvet covers with zigzags and some duvet covers in a Nordic style. You can also opt for duvet covers with a Mediterranean print, Navy-coloured duvet covers, duvet covers of different colours or, if on the other hand you prefer a classical style, duvet covers with flowers or plain duvet covers may be the best option.

What materials are the duvet covers made of?

All of our duvet covers are made from 100% cotton natural fibres that are soft and comfortable at the same time, that help with breathability as you sleep. We use two different qualities of cotton. On the one hand, Naf Naf duvet covers are made of 100% cotton with a 144 thread count, and on the other hand, Guy Laroche duvet covers are made of 100% percal cotton with a 200 thread count.

What do I need to complete the look of my bed?

Once you have chosen the duvet cover, it's time to complete the look of your bed. Many people prefer to combine plain flat sheets with duvet covers to stop them getting dirty and give them more use. The essential item we definitely need is a fitted sheet that matches the colours of our duvet cover to obtain the perfect combination, as well as some nice cushion covers that match the duvet cover. If you want to give it an even more stylish touch, place a throw at the foot of the bed. Guy Laroche throws and Naf Naf throws are ideal for achieving an ideal home look.

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