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Naf Naf's resin-coated tablecloths are renowned for their beautiful prints and for being stain-resistant tablecloths with a cotton texture.

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  • €21.00 - €35.00

What is a resin-coated tablecloth?

Naf Naf's resin-coated tablecloths are cotton tablecloths but with a resin-coating. This treatment prevents fraying and also repels stains and water. You can also wash it easily in the washing machine. 

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This fabric is perfect for kitchen and dining room tables. This is because dirt does not impregnate the fabric and it can be easily washed with a damp cloth. 

Composition of the resin-coated fabric

Our tablecloths are made of 88% cotton with a 12% acrylic polyester for its resin coating. 

Tablecloths for all styles

The Naf Naf tablecloth collection comprises prints with a wide variety of fruit and floral motifs and in different colours. They are perfect tablecloths for decorating in a Mediterranean style, as well as in a Provencal style. They will stand out in rooms with good lighting and are perfect for both the kitchen and the dining room. You can complement them with our matching kitchen towels.

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