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One of the most important items for achieving a good rest is your pillow. These should be well-protected to prevent stains, help with breathability and extend their useful life. With Naf Naf pillowcases or Guy Laroche pillowcases, you will have the perfect accessory for completing the decoration of your bed.

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Which one to choose?

The choice of pillowcase will always depend on the type of pillow you use. Depending on each country, pillow shapes vary from rectangular to being completely square and large. Once we are clear about the size, we should choose the pillowcase that best matches our style, our duvet cover or our bedspread.

Pillowcases from brands like Guy Laroche or Naf Naf are quality pillowcases made of 100% cotton to help with breathability as you sleep. There are plain pillowcases, striped pillowcases, bohemian pillowcases, pillowcases with flowers and a load more designs to combine with.

For the decoration of your bed to be harmonious, pillowcases should usually match the reverse side of the duvet cover. If you use a flat sheet, this should usually be coordinated to match the pillowcases, and the fitted sheet should be in another plain colour that combines with the set as a whole.

Let your inner artist coordinate the pillowcases with the cushions and you'll obtain a dream look that will make jumping into bed almost impossible to resist!

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